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  • Assistant Manager

    Olga Alonso obtained her Executive Secretarial Diploma at the University Institute of Company Administration and Management (ICADE) in 1996. She has more than 25 years of experience as an Executive Secretary. She started her professional career working for Dumez-Copisa before joining the entrepreneurial team headed by Josep Poch and François Carriere at John Taylor Spain. Her current job at Coldwell Banker involves the typical duties of an Executive Secretary, assisting the Chairman to successfully lead the company forward.

    She is passionate about her work, she is convinced that success is dependent on having a good team of people and she is always ready to serve others. She adores the Costa Brava and Barcelona, the city where she was born, and she is a great fan of Mediterranean food. Whenever she can, she gets away from it all to hike trails with a group of like-minded people and enjoys being in the mountains. In fact, you would certainly say she loves life.